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Ctrl Promo is an innovative platform for delivering promotional music to your promo lists. We offer a state-of-the art platform with cutting edge features that maximises music promo campaigns. Our platform will give you the tools to create, manage and deliver fully branded, professional designed promo campaigns as and when you need.

Ctrl Promo is completely mobile optimized platform, allowing users to listen to your promo on the go and download or save directly to their Dropbox app. We create beautifully branded post-campaign reports and statistics after every campaign, alongside all your valuable feedback. With Ctrl Promo you really are in control of your music and record label.

Ctrl Promo

Save To Dropbox
Mobile Optimized
Program Your Sending Time
Secure site and payments

Our features

Multiple labels

You can create more then one label profile and send promos for each individually.

Real time mailing and campaign statistics

Our statistics tool covers all what you need!

upload or download the release from your mobile

Listen to all your promos with mobile and save them directly to dropbox or upload the release from your cloud and send a campaign.

Show Or Hide Feedback to subscribers - Real Time Feed

Show DJ feedback on your promo campaign. Gain more visibility via our real time notification feed at the subscribers Promos page.


Save time and schedule when your release will be sent or deleted.

non stop waveform player

Our carefully designed waveform player allows you to listen to promos whilst browsing our platform.

Create and manage multiple profiles for your record labels or clients, import your emails instantly and create as many mailing lists you need. Create your promo campaign and send to your contacts in just a few simple steps. Upload your Wav audio files and we will do the rest. Our platform will process and encode your files in a seconds, Wav, Mp3 and Zip files will be available for download to your listeners. 

Send your great looking campaign and follow the real time statistics while receiving the feedback for your music. Our insights show which song is the most popular and favourite by your audiance, how many times each track has been played and downloaded. Follow campaign response statistics and complete mailing statistics where you can see who clicked on your promo email, who opened it which emails are not working or invalid and much more.

Generate your promo report feedback or statistics into Microsoft Word or Pdf file by one click or simply share the public link to your artists or your team where they can follow the feedback in the real time.

With our platform you can promote your release by sharing each feedback you receive to your social networks, show or hide your feedback directly on your promo campaign, organise and clean your mailing lists and find out which release or song has the most potential to succeed.

Choose your plan and send your promo straight after payment. Upgrade or downgrade your package as per your monthly needs. You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time. If you don't like monthly subscriptions we have our Pay As You Go plan where you can buy a promo anytime you need. No additional costs or hidden fees. Secure payment with Stripe.

Our insights

Launch your campaign easily and follow your promo statistics from any place with any device.

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All your promos in one place

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Promo Campaign

Desktop and mobile screen

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Promo Campaign

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Your campaign feedback

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Real Time Feed

Comments from your subscription

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Campaign Statistics

Real time statistics

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Subscriber Statistics

Real time subscriber statistics

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Techno, house music or dance music. It doesn't matter. Our platform offers tools for any kind of music releases. More then 70 000 listeners rate, download and enjoy their favourite promotional music from our platform, before it appears in music stores.

Give your music the right promotion and get the chance to be played by the biggest names in the scene or get streamed on the most famous platforms or radios.

Plans Available

You can cancel or change your package at any time. It's easy to get started. We are fully automated platform, send your promo immediately after the payment.

Pay As You Go
Per Promo

  • 1 PROMO
per promo • tax included • secure payment with stripe
Billed Monthly

  • 3 PROMOS
monthly subscription • tax included • secure payment with stripe
Billed Monthly

  • 6 PROMOS
monthly subscription • tax included • secure payment with stripe
Billed Monthly

  • 18 PROMOS
monthly subscription • tax included • secure payment vith stripe

Contact Us

Please feel free to get in touch with your opinion and if you have any questions about our platform or packages, don't hesitate to contact us.

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