Night Light Records View more

Label: Night Light Records

Night Light Records
Night Light Records is the powerhouse behind a mounting stack of tracks birthed from the warped minds that exist on techno’s murkier outskirts. Based out of Banja Luka in Bosnia And Herzegovina and London in United Kingdom, Night Light has been clocking up plaudits for its roster of releases featuring the cream of the techno heartland’s throb-meisters. Vinyl and digital outings have made some seri...

Sprout Music View more

Label: Sprout Music

Sprout Music
Basic essentials. The established label all over arranged sub labels to tap the edge. This is not only for supply and demand in the limited market, also a face of recent music where trends move back and forward, where the artist takes in the leading role in actual eclecticisms. The creative ones shape the landlines of music. Sprout covers a wide range of music without abstaining from a musical...

Comment After View more

Label: Comment After

Comment After
We were asking ourselves if the market nowadays really need another ‘label’? Would there be any difference if an artist receives yet ‘another’ promo? Does it feel good to make ‘another’ post about the chart position? Does it help to fish for feedbacks? … Well, it doesn't hurt to say that all our answers to these questions were NO in the end. So why bother then?   We simply stand for the truth t...

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Label: Hot Key

Hot Key

1605 View more

Label: 1605


Comade Music View more

Label: Comade Music

Comade Music

Orion-Muzik View more

Label: Orion-Muzik

ORION MUZIK was born in december 2001: Danilo Vigorito earns the reputation of new phenomenon on the electronic scene, identifying himself with elaborated and refined production techniques more typical of a live set. After time a series of sub-lables were born to fulfill every style and music direction

Fresco Records View more

Label: Fresco Records

Fresco Records



MYSELF MUSIC is a project created by Alex Molina (The Deals), based in Barcelona. It's a project designed to edit underground music regardless of gender, with Techno - Tech House - Minimal and Deep House. Since it was created the label has been supported and played in several times at worldwide by Richie Hawtin in places such as Space Ibiza, Time Warp (Buenos Aires), ADE Amsterdam or also Dubf...

Rusted Records View more

Label: Rusted Records

Rusted Records
Rusted Records was launched with a desire to put all of the elements together and serve as the ultimate platform for top quality Techno House enhanced music. One-Stop-Shop for brilliant musicians, which are directed toward the clubbing scene, focusing on dance floor oriented well-known artists, along side promising new comers.

Z Records View more

Label: Z Records

Z Records
Legendary Uk producer Dave Lee/Joey Negro founded Z Records back in '91, as the natural successor to his highly influential first label, Republic Records, which remains for many, the foundation stone of the UK house scene. It was on Republic that Dave first introduced the UK to such classics as Phase II's “Reachin'” and Turntable Orchestra's “You're Gonna Miss Me”. These tracks nestled snugly alon...

Insert Coin View more

Label: Insert Coin

Insert Coin

Consumed Music View more

Label: Consumed Music

Consumed Music

Majestic Family Records View more

Label: Majestic Family Records

Majestic Family Records
Each of us dreamed of a world where people will be as one family. The family, which share a common idea - to give people dance music with a special sign of quality. Label Majestic Family make this dream come true! We have good cooperation with 145 major online-stores 240 country world. We produce the latest high-quality songs in different directions of trance, house and techno, contributing to...

Constructive Cycle. View more

Label: Constructive Cycle.

Constructive Cycle.
Constructive Cycle is an indipendent label founded in London in 2015. It's made up of Refresh (Italy), is inspired to create an artistic constructive circuit that blends different genres, where musical standards are not followed, but experimental ideas, born from the desire of self-producing. Constructive Cycle is an experiment

Abzolut View more

Label: Abzolut


The Manifesto Music View more

Label: The Manifesto Music

The Manifesto Music
The Manifesto Music is techno record label based in Amsterdam, The Nethelands.




Jumpstereo Records View more

Label: Jumpstereo Records

Jumpstereo Records
In April 2014, UK Techno brothers, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. launched their digital label, Jumpstereo Records. Since then it has been gaining pace at a phenomenal rate with support coming from across the globe from artists like Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Sam Paganini, Jay Lumen, Ben Sims, Umek, Hollen, Dubfire, Stacey Pullen, Cristian Varela, Tomy De Clerque, Miguel Bastida, Oscar Aguilera, Spartaqu...

Orbeatal View more

Label: Orbeatal


Throne Room Records View more

Label: Throne Room Records

Throne Room Records

Murali View more

Label: Murali


Sugarstarr Traxx View more

Label: Sugarstarr Traxx

Sugarstarr Traxx

Black Swan View more

Label: Black Swan

Black Swan

Dynamo Recordings View more

Label: Dynamo Recordings

Dynamo Recordings
Dynamo Recordings was founded by Fractious [KD RAW/Tronic/Transmit/Trapez/Waveform/Loose/Gem Records] and Ronan Teague [Decoy/Naked Lunch/Binary404/Gobsmacked]. The object of the label is to showcase groove based techno. The label launched in September 2012 with artists such as Richie Santana, Sean Collier, Peter Bailey, Alberto Ruiz, Joe Blake, D-Deck, Dani Sbert, Frankyeffe, Fabio Floirido, S...

SKYNET View more



Hive Audio View more

Label: Hive Audio

Hive Audio

Made in Miami View more

Label: Made in Miami

Made in Miami

Dance Lab Recordings View more

Label: Dance Lab Recordings

Dance Lab Recordings

Rhythmic RAW View more

Label: Rhythmic RAW

Rhythmic RAW
Rhythmic RAW is a sub label of Rhythmic Recordings created to focus on the deeper more underground side of the tech spectrum. Delivering heavy grooves and bass driven tracks for all your after-hours and peak hour sets. Unlike its parent label Rhythmic Recordings, Rhythmic RAW will focus more on the driving bass and melodic synths of techno genre and it's artist's

Rhythmic Recordings View more

Label: Rhythmic Recordings

Rhythmic Recordings
Rhythmic Recordings was founded in 2014 by Kevin G and is based out of New York, USA. The Label releases quality house and tech house productions along with some deeper techno tracks appearing on certain compilations. Rhythmic has an outstanding list of veteran and novice artist's who bring quality house music to the industry. Rhythmic Recordings is also the big brother label to the techno based i...

Play Two / Warner View more

Label: Play Two / Warner

Play Two / Warner

Minitech Recordings View more

Label: Minitech Recordings

Minitech Recordings

Kizz Kizz Rec. View more

Label: Kizz Kizz Rec.

Kizz Kizz Rec.
New imprint, launched in 2017, and dedicated to Deep & Techhouse with a funky twist. Submit your music here:

Ballroom Records View more

Label: Ballroom Records

Ballroom Records
Representing the sound of the Berlin underground in it's purest form, Ballroom Records has become a force to be reckoned with in the last year and is set to propel the collective even further into the consciousness of techno enthusiasts worldwide. A brand synonymous with exemplary techno cuts and taste-making tracks that solidify the meaning of the words raw and juicy, German production duo Kai...

Condor Tunes View more

Label: Condor Tunes

Condor Tunes
Accepting demos worldwide, Condor Tunes is a recording label founded by Felix Ayerza based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Focused in melodic progressive techno music. Apart from being a label, Condor gets involved in much more than music. It has developed its own events, radio shows, showcases, interviews. The Condor Team is always open to new ideas and suggestions. A small but hard working group...

DOTS. Music View more

Label: DOTS. Music

DOTS. Music

On Circle Music View more

Label: On Circle Music

On Circle Music

FGA View more

Label: FGA


mTechno Records View more

Label: mTechno Records

mTechno Records

Megatones View more

Label: Megatones


Johnny Norberg & J.Puchler View more

Label: Johnny Norberg & J.Puchler

Johnny Norberg & J.Puchler

AMS Italia View more

Label: AMS Italia

AMS Italia
AMS Italia è una delle più importanti Organizzazioni musicali italiane ed Etichetta discografica, fondata a Catania degli anni Trenta. Siamo partner di importanti aziende quali Google, iTunes e molte altre. AMS Italia ha prodotto oltre 50 artisti ed oltre 200 CD. Ha lavorato con il Personal Manager e il Direttore di Produzione di artisti quali Fiorello, i Pooh, Mario Biondi. AMS Italia ha colla...

Familia View more

Label: Familia

Familia was born in London but by it's nature is an international brand. The label houses artists who have played the events as well as guest producers and remixers.

Roockus Digital View more

Label: Roockus Digital

Roockus Digital

What Came First View more

Label: What Came First

What Came First
"What Came First" is a new label dedicated to Electronic music which has been set up by the people behind Egg London club venue. With the dance floor in mind, WCF aims to introduce rising new talents as well as working with established artists across a range of musical genres from techno to house and chill-out to alternative. It is a great time for Egg London to look how far we have come mu...




Liberta Records View more

Label: Liberta Records

Liberta Records
‘Liberta’ means the start of something in Portuguese slang from the streets of Rio De Janeiro, where DJ and Producer Vinicius Honorio was born. It also can mean freedom, so his brand new label wants to create just that - freedom for artists to express themselves with music.

n/a View more

Label: n/a

Independent releases from UK duo ASWPN aka Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N.

Ambivertal View more

Label: Ambivertal


RADIANT. View more



FAR (Faze Action Records) View more

Label: FAR (Faze Action Records)

FAR (Faze Action Records)
Releasing the best and original Disco, African, Balearic, House and beyond

120dB Records View more

Label: 120dB Records

120dB Records

Do The Hip! Recordings View more

Label: Do The Hip! Recordings

Do The Hip! Recordings
It's all about House!. A simple credo that describes the sound of Do The Hip! Recordings. What we are striving for is to help creating a new Housemusic-Era, similar to what we already had in the early 2000s. And we're pretty sure we're able to leave our footprints...on the floors of the world.

D-EDGE Records View more

Label: D-EDGE Records

D-EDGE Records

Perseverancia Records View more

Label: Perseverancia Records

Perseverancia Records
Perseverancia Records is a promotion platform created by William Arist with the purpose of spread his vision of music.

Jannowitz Records View more

Label: Jannowitz Records

Jannowitz Records
The story began during a dimmed night very close to dark and purling Spree river in Berlin – directly under the legendary and well known Jannowitz brigde, which connects the southern Luisenstadt (Berlin-Friedrichshain) with Stralauer Viertel (Alexanderstraße) in the north. Right under the brick crafted bridge, Lars Kohl and Linus Elter had the very first spark of an idea, which they implemented t...

Mindshake Records View more

Label: Mindshake Records

Mindshake Records
Since 2005 Mindshake has been the brainchild and creative outlet of famed Spanish DJ and Producer PACO OSUNA. What began as a genuine platform to promote his passion for music has now become a global force in pushing techno music culture forward. Based in Barcelona, Spain and often referred to as Paco's “second family”, Mindshake exists to support the art of like-minded contemporaries while develo...

Funk'n Deep Black View more

Label: Funk'n Deep Black

Funk'n Deep Black

Black Kat View more

Label: Black Kat

Black Kat

Jaw Dropping Records View more

Label: Jaw Dropping Records

Jaw Dropping Records
We all have this one really good friend whose sister is kinda… hot?! You know, this one friend who we really like, we’re super close to and we would never do anything to upset him? It’s a struggle, definitely - but why not have both? Why not have the amazing friend who has always been there, who always will be there and who never lets you down - and also have his sister who, well, just makes your...

Oscuro Music View more

Label: Oscuro Music

Oscuro Music

Urban Chaos Records View more

Label: Urban Chaos Records

Urban Chaos Records
Urban Chaos records is a independent techno label, it was founded 15/10/17 it has grown with stature in it's first year gaining some great support along the way from the worlds techno elite.

dB130 View more

Label: dB130

dB130 is Fourfloor's sub-label born for industrial, experimental raw and melodic techno sound.

Desolution Recordings View more

Label: Desolution Recordings

Desolution Recordings

Aerotek Recordings View more

Label: Aerotek Recordings

Aerotek Recordings
✈✈✈ Digital Underground Techno Label from the Southwestern United States (Techno, Techno-House, Big Room, Industrial, Broken, Minimal, German, Detroit, Dark, Hard, Acid) ✈✈✈ Demos: (PRIVATE SoundCloud Links Only!) Formation of Aerotek Recordings by Rolando Hödar aka @hodarmuzzikk catered to the underground sounds of Techno. Aerotek Recordings, an underground di...

De-Konstrukt View more

Label: De-Konstrukt

Demos: Our love of techno begins with the basic instincts that tell us to celebrate the phenomenon and hypnotic nature of rhythm. We only act as it’s written in our genes – it’s all just the human nature – just another human fetish – another form of religion, another church – another philosophy. Pushing out fierce, innovative and forward thinking techno, which leans to...

Bubblejam View more

Label: Bubblejam


Refuge digital View more

Label: Refuge digital

Refuge digital

Creptonit Records View more

Label: Creptonit Records

Creptonit Records

Riot Recordings View more

Label: Riot Recordings

Riot Recordings

La Mishka View more

Label: La Mishka

La Mishka
"La Mishka" - minimal, tech house, techno and progressive house music label, was founded in June 2017 in USA under the management of the famous dj/producer Maxxim.

M!SF!T View more

Label: M!SF!T

M!SF!T is a London based record label showcasing cutting edge sounds & underground label parties. The collaboration between Fractious (Tronic, KD RAW, Transmit Recordings) and promotors Sam McKinney & Paul Butler, M!SF!T has hosted label nights in London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Amsterdam have seen performances from pioneers Mr C and Normski rubbing shoulders with exciting new talents Saytek,, Asi...

Kuda Audio View more

Label: Kuda Audio

Kuda Audio
Kuda Audio is an idea of ​​techno conceived by Giovanni Carozza, created to contain under one brand, all the nuances of European and World techno, with a well-defined artistic selection. Born in September 2018, Kuda Audio has released and released artists such as: T78, FAC3OFF, Dino Maggiorana, David Temessi, Yan Oxygen, Tom Hutt, Optimuss, Black Acid, Black Shade and many others.

Funk'n Deep Records View more

Label: Funk'n Deep Records

Funk'n Deep Records
Funk’n Deep Records specializes in techno of the dark, deep, driving, and groovy varieties. In addition to showcasing music from emerging talents, the label has championed music of some of the most respected mainstays around the globe, elevating the label to quickly becoming one of the most recognized and respected in techno.

Evolvement Recordings View more

Label: Evolvement Recordings

Evolvement Recordings

Font View more

Label: Font

Font is a New Techno Label

Sonusfield View more

Label: Sonusfield


Prospect Records View more

Label: Prospect Records

Prospect Records

Self-Released View more

Label: Self-Released


Gramola.Rec View more

Label: Gramola.Rec

Paisajes Techno sonoros nos invitan a danzar en Gramola.Rec. Siempre a la vanguardia ofrecemos sonidos de altísima calidad para el disfrute del los clubbers.

Mechanikal View more

Label: Mechanikal

Mechanikal is an exciting techno label from the brain of acclaimed techno maestro MiSiNKi. Already making waves with only its first release, Mechanikal’s mantra is simple; “Deliver, real, solid and unshakable techno music to its audience, whilst delivering real, solid and unshakable support to its artists” In a world full of creativity, the most important weapons in your bag are your prof...

Third Floor Recordings View more

Label: Third Floor Recordings

Third Floor Recordings
Third Floor Recordings mainly dealing with tech-house, techno and deep-tech music. Owner: Attila Brezovszki (DJ WestBeat)Producer/DJ.…recordings/42209 The label is already supported by: Cristian Varela, DJ Rush, Gaga, D-Deck, Sam Paganini, David Herrero, Anderson Noise, Darkrow, Carlos Beltran, Dennis Cruz, Paco Osuna, Camilo Diaz, Joe Blake, Fractious, Mon...

Black Snake Recordings View more

Label: Black Snake Recordings

Black Snake Recordings
We are a very young techno records label founded in 2018 by Darian Jaburg. Black Snake Recordings was created to release original and high quality techno tracks. Our artists produce new and modern electronic music.

Mechanikal Hard View more

Label: Mechanikal Hard

Mechanikal Hard
Mechanikal Hard is the Hard Techno imprint to its sister label Mechanikal. Expect nothing short of hard, uncompromising, real Techno music!

Laus Music View more

Label: Laus Music

Laus Music
Laus has never been just about faceless club abandon, but about injecting personality and attitude into the works. This independent music label was founded by Haris Custovic in London in 2000 in order by to provide an outlet for the sonic creativity of the collective he was a part of. Loosely based in underground house, the label’s sound is versatile, a far cry from most sanitised dance floor musi...

Tuner Records View more

Label: Tuner Records

Tuner Records

Reboks View more

Label: Reboks

Skober's Techno label.

Alpha Particle Assembly Promo Pool View more

Label: Alpha Particle Assembly Promo Pool

Alpha Particle Assembly Promo Pool

Intimo View more

Label: Intimo


Novus Records View more

Label: Novus Records

Novus Records
A LABEL WITH A PURPOSE A new London based collective, it all started when three good friends united by the love of techno gathered weekly to collaborate on new tunes. Novus is a vision, through acid, deep, melodic, and dynamic releases, the label paints a new reality where music is the language and dancing are the words. Novus supports a higher sense of community and is engaged to help notew...

Silence of the Sands View more

Label: Silence of the Sands

Silence of the Sands

Liberta MGMT View more

Label: Liberta MGMT

Liberta MGMT
A promotion company delivering techno promos.

No-Match View more

Label: No-Match

Techno Label

Rhyme & Hype View more

Label: Rhyme & Hype

Rhyme & Hype
Techno Label

Slam Ya Nan Recordings View more

Label: Slam Ya Nan Recordings

Slam Ya Nan Recordings
Slam Ya Nan Recordings aka SYNR is a brand new label from UK Techno producer, Anti-Slam. In a genre full of dark colours and serious press shots, SYNR was created with one aim in mind… Bringing FUN (and pretty colours) back into techno. Every month we will be releasing music from some of the freshest artists on the scene; focusing on quality over quantity, and groove over, well, everything.

Spliced Vinyl Recordings View more

Label: Spliced Vinyl Recordings

Spliced Vinyl Recordings

Skymate View more

Label: Skymate


nuOn Music View more

Label: nuOn Music

nuOn Music

KMSelection View more

Label: KMSelection


Ushuaia Music View more

Label: Ushuaia Music

Ushuaia Music

Fluctuat Records View more

Label: Fluctuat Records

Fluctuat Records
​Created by The French producer CoqMan in Medellin, Colombia, 2 years ago, FLUCTUAT RECORDS attempts to make the connexion between Europe and Latin America. With a strong passion for the discovery of new Techno talents, the label is now a family of more than 40 producers, visuals artists, and team members, connecting 8 countries from both sides of Atlantic Ocean. Several artists from Europe we...

Plastik Galaxy View more

Label: Plastik Galaxy

Plastik Galaxy

subdimension View more

Label: subdimension

It´s mindlifting.

SHIFT Digital Audio View more

Label: SHIFT Digital Audio

SHIFT Digital Audio
When was the last time you felt your feet lift off the ground? SHIFT Digital Audio is a pioneering music label that distributes techno music written and produced by emerging artists. We release music that fills the missing void in today's electronic music landscape, or as we call it, SHIFTed frequencies. The root of our concept stems from an idea that was born behind the scenes. As newcomers...

Pure Dope Digital View more

Label: Pure Dope Digital

Pure Dope Digital
"Dark, moody, melodic, atmospheric and industrial Techno. This is what we stand for. We focus on modern hard electronic Techno music!" Pure Dope Digital -

Studio3000 Records View more

Label: Studio3000 Records

Studio3000 Records
Studio3000 Records is a German label, based in Cologne . We represent a spectrum of electronic underground music. For more infos please send us a mail to:

Kaligo Records View more

Label: Kaligo Records

Kaligo Records
The owl butterflies, called Caligo, always fly in the dark and are known for huge spots of eyes on their wings, reminiscent of an owl. Its name, in the language that originated Portuguese, Latin, has the meaning of darkness. The pattern of its wings is highly enigmatic. It is a generalized form of disguise, where many hesitate to come close, because it has patterns that resemble the eyes of many p...

Mirror Records View more

Label: Mirror Records

Mirror Records
Mirror Records is a Bern based event & music label working together along side various artists with passion & vision – Aiming to create the ultimate experience!

Raindrop View more

Label: Raindrop


Raindrop View more

Label: Raindrop

Melodic House / Electronic Italian Label

Club Restricted Promo View more

Label: Club Restricted Promo

Club Restricted Promo

Black Raven View more

Label: Black Raven

Black Raven

Set of the Day View more

Label: Set of the Day

Set of the Day
The philosophy behind the new label "Set Of The Day" stands for years of promoting talented DJs and their unique sets. Thus it's only consistent to create a platform for talented producers. The label exists since 2020 and grows fastly in popularity. Look forward to the future with us. Keep in touch with new inspiring stuff.

Set of the Day Melodic View more

Label: Set of the Day Melodic

Set of the Day Melodic
The philosophy behind the new label "Set Of The Day" stands for years of promoting talented DJs and their unique sets. Thus it's only consistent to create a platform for talented producers. The label exists since 2020 and grows fastly in popularity. Look forward to the future with us. Keep in touch with new inspiring stuff.

212 Records UK View more

Label: 212 Records UK

212 Records UK

RAW WORX View more


Techno label to showcase Fractious (Agile Recordings/Say What? Records/KD RAW/Transmit Recordings) for tracks that RAW WORX. First releases feature Vlokken (KD RAW/Trapez Ltd/Glasgow Underground/Say What?), Bassfreq (Trapez/Gain Records/Panterre/Reflekt Black), FAC3OFF (Intec/Break New Soil/Alchemy/Transmit/Trapez), Natalino Nunes (Beat Therapy/Silver M/ Transmit/Jays Records), Frank Maurel (Ovum/...

Refined Format View more

Label: Refined Format

Refined Format

WILD View more

Label: WILD


WILD View more

Label: WILD

Italian Techno Label

Smart Lab Music View more

Label: Smart Lab Music

Smart Lab Music

EINZ records View more

Label: EINZ records

EINZ records
EINZ records was created with the purpose of giving all the artists, listeners & party goers that share the same passion as us for electronic music, a frame to show themselves, express freely their character, and share their art with likeminded people. We believe that in this world there is nothing as amazing as music, borderless & connecting. Its engine is the human creativity, reason why, we ha...

RXC View more

Label: RXC

RXC is the most introverted, dark, experimental and free side of Riot. A new space where you can make new sounds

Shadow Wulf Records View more

Label: Shadow Wulf Records

Shadow Wulf Records
Shadow Wulf, the newly emerged and ferociously dark cub of existing House and Techno label Wulfpack. The new sister label was founded by producers Aaron Jacobs, Drew Blyther, and Erin Parisi (Crescendoll) when they recognized an opportunity to fill a void in LA’s underground scene. Thanks to Shadow Wulf, the Dark Techno/Minimal sounds more popular overseas have found their place in the den of Sout...

Goryl Records View more

Label: Goryl Records

Goryl Records

KulturSounds View more

Label: KulturSounds

Straight from the heart of Switzerland, KulturSounds brings your groovy tunes from downtempo to dancefloor killers. Expect the unexpected! ;)

AlpaKa MuziK View more

Label: AlpaKa MuziK

AlpaKa MuziK
Record Label based out of Montreal, Canada focusing on the underground side of the techno spectrum. From progressive and psychedelic to minimal groovy bass. Our goal is to expose innovative, new sound in the ever changing realm of techno.

Edition JAW View more

Label: Edition JAW

Edition JAW

Tagged Music View more

Label: Tagged Music

Tagged Music
Strictly underground sound label! Deep|Tech|Techno with Minimal influences. Be sure, that your music is fit for the label sound, before to send any demo! Tagged Music | Tagged Family Tripio X Mihai Popoviciu Beneath Usual Enzo Leep Rich NxT Azteca Felipe Cobos Daniel Meister LondonGround U-FO Luca Doobie Nuendo Send Demo to:

Deep in Dis intl. View more

Label: Deep in Dis intl.

Deep in Dis intl.
A new creative platform has been born, a new vision. Deep in Dis intl. established in 2020 emerges from the necessity of expression of liked minded friends and artist. Creativity has no borders and our artist have no boundaries, no genres attached just freedom.

Wulfpack View more

Label: Wulfpack


Cosmodrome Records View more

Label: Cosmodrome Records

Cosmodrome Records
Cosmodrome Records is the next stage for the prolific producer Salvatore Mediana. The label is to serve as home to peak time techno productions, backed with remixes from high-profile artists. Est. 2020

Vinyllover Recordings View more

Label: Vinyllover Recordings

Vinyllover Recordings
Vinyllover Recordings was founded in 2012 by Tobias Wollborn aka Disscut. The record label concept is presenting electronic dance music in modern information & cultural space like a direction of modern art with full rights for existence which has already gained a foothold in modern art. Vinyllover´s heart beats for real and high quality underground techno.



Born label in 2014, from a Razzaro´s project, author well-known in Granada (Spain). The main object of UOCO records is the entertainment and musical education with its tracks. All productions are from techno house to techno. UOCO records produce new and details sounds for people that seeks something different and special ....

Moorstone Recordings View more

Label: Moorstone Recordings

Moorstone Recordings
Born in a town where the river meets the sea, Moorstone is a raw deep hypnotic techno imprint.

Urban Deep Trax View more

Label: Urban Deep Trax

Urban Deep Trax
Urban Deep Trax [ UDT ] is a brand new sister label to Urban Chaos Records, launching in March 2021. It's more on the deeper side of things, cover the following genres.... Electro Breaks Progressive Minimal Raw / Deep Techno Electronica Tech

Post Scriptum Music View more

Label: Post Scriptum Music

Post Scriptum Music
Post Scriptum Music is Paride Saraceni's label and output of multi-dimensional electronic dance music. Its ethos is personified by allusions to the the human condition: birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict and mortality; and inspired by the quest towards higher levels of reality,

KGG View more

Label: KGG


SRNDR Records View more

Label: SRNDR Records

SRNDR Records
SRNDR Records is an independent record label from Singapore, and the distribution arm of Surrender HQ. It is dedicated to music that is built on elements that transcend the different sub-genres of house and techno but are bound by a deep appreciation of the structure and aesthetics of early but timeless electronic dance music - of the old but original school. SRNDR to the Music.

Puma Records View more

Label: Puma Records

Puma Records

Future Usa Records View more

Label: Future Usa Records

Future Usa Records
Melodic Techno, Techno, Melodic House Best of Melodic Techno Producer Cyber Legenda, presents Exclusive New Melodic House & Techno Album 60 for downloads NOW for Beatport and listen on Spotify 28 april 2021 for all other platforms realease date 23june 2021!

Neokraft View more

Label: Neokraft


Moonkoder View more

Label: Moonkoder

It is a electronic music label that represents quality and originality always designed for the most demanding dancefloor, supported by great artists this label begins with great strength and impact on the scene of electronic music with a dominant presence of avant-garde sounds.

push2play music View more

Label: push2play music

push2play music

Black Snake Recordings View more

Label: Black Snake Recordings

Black Snake Recordings
Black Snake Recordings is the main Label of the BSR Group. The BSR Group is managed by Darian Jaburg (Germany) and consists of the following brands: Black Snake Recordings // Black S Agency // Aviation Star // Empathisch Records // Second Life Records // Black Snake Factory // Radio Showcase // Black Snake Showcase series // Face2Face Events

Red Channel Records View more

Label: Red Channel Records

Red Channel Records
Red Channel Recvords was established in 2016 from founder Tony Romanello DJ/Producer. Our label is techno music, from (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic) to (Peak Time / Driving/ Hard). Red Channel Records roster consists of numerous artists and international collaborations with the some of the best up and coming talent & established icons in the global techno scene... likes of Alberto Ruiz, Mehmet Özbek, K...

Superposition Records View more

Label: Superposition Records

Superposition Records

Movida Records View more

Label: Movida Records

Movida Records
Electronic Vinyl Label founded in 2009 by Michael Peter from Offenbach in Germany. Artists on that label : Robag Wruhme Mathias Kaden Nick Curly Franco Cinelli Bodo Elsel Arapu Jesse Somfay Legowelt Matt Star Alejandro Vivanco Dorian Paic Funk E Nu Zau Och Basti Grub Wigbert Luc Ringeisen C-Rock aka Dub Star Sascha Dive Jens Zimmermann Cosmjn and many more.... check o...

IAMT View more

Label: IAMT

I Am Techno is an international techno label founded by well-known Ukrainian artists Spartaque & Egor Boss.

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Label: Wave Signal

Wave Signal
Wave Signal is a Techno label based in Groningen (The Netherlands). The label is specialized in Detroit Techno to Hard Techno and everything in between.

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Label: Empathisch Records

Empathisch Records
Empathisch Records is a modern, young and dynamic music record label from Germany. Founded in 2022 by Darian Jaburg, Empathisch Records releases modern techno music by national and international artists. Empathisch Records is a brand of the BSR Music Group.




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Label: South Groove Records

South Groove Records

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Label: Sonic View

Sonic View

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Label: Arrivals Medellin

Arrivals Medellin
Juan Ddd & Emanuel Querol join forces again, this time presenting their record label: Arrivals Medellin. Label founded in the city of Medellín by the DJs & Producers: Juan Ddd (Col) & Emanuel Querol (Arg). Focused on the Tech House, Minimal & Techno genres.

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Label: Klubbkontrol


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Label: KoBBoK

Label of Angel Heredia & C.Ló. Specialised in Electronic music. Production and mastering. Music makes the people come together. ---- Label de Angel Heredia & C.Ló. Especializado en música electrónica. Producción y masterización. La música hace que la gente se una.

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Label: Cesvitam Music

Cesvitam Music
Techno in all its rawest techno aspects.

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Label: Mechanical Wave Records

Mechanical Wave Records
Mechanical Wave Records is a record label based in Granada (Spain) Raw, hypnotic, deep and forceful Techno cut.

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Label: Kamurec Music

Kamurec Music

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Label: Unison Recordings

Unison Recordings
UNISON RECORDINGS was founded in August 2008 by Marco Bocatto and Jec to form a community of artists worldwide which takes up different styles like: House, Tech- house, Deep, Techno, Minimal, but always keeping the essence in order to play more underground music to a totally contemporary. Its whole purpose is to support the artists in spreading their creative output in the both music universes,...

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Independent techno label managed by Bendtsen

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Label: Medular rec

Medular rec

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Label: Wooz! Recordings

Wooz! Recordings
Wooz! Recordings is a label, launching in 2023, founded by Klubbheads DJ and producer Koen Groeneveld. There's a serious revival going on with respect to their classic uplifting groovy, funky and harder Dutch House sound, which made Klubbheads and their labels Blue Records, Mo'Bizz Recordings and Digi White one of the most sought after DJ's, producers and labels between 1995 and 2005. Wooz! Reco...

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Label: Aviation Star

Aviation Star
Aviation Star is a young fresh Techno Label, founded in 2022 by Darian Jaburg. We are based in Nuremberg, Germany.  We offers new and established artists the opportunity to present their musical style in the direction of Peaktime Techno to RAW Techno. At Aviation Star, we don't want to commit ourselves to a specific style of music and rather want to offer a musical variety.




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Label: Out Of House

Out Of House
Out Of House is a Tech-House label based in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. The cornerstones of this label are Its creators and directors Omar J and Mança (IT) which have many years of experience in the electronic music industry. Out Of House Its not only a record label that delivers tunes for the dancefloor but Its a way of living focused on making music and throwing parties in Its home: BeOnes Club....

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Label: Techno Rebels Only

Techno Rebels Only
New techno label by Alexander Technique

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Label: Spinnin' Records

Spinnin' Records
No.1 Dance label in the world

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Label: Kognitiv Records

Kognitiv Records

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Label: 21NHG/Relentless


Members Only View more

Label: Members Only

Members Only
A place where an elite crew of Disco lovers and funk enthusiasts can receive very, very exclusive music.

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Label: Controlled Substance

Controlled Substance
An imprint showcasing Quivver's darker, experimental and more audacious sonic explorations. For PR enquires Email

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Label: Technography


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Label: Cosmicadence

Cosmicadence, founded by Don Creek & Nice-D , is a record label based in Switzerland geared towards releasing quality underground electronic music with an affinity towards Deep Progressive, Downtempo & Electronica.

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Label: Dancefloor Music PR

Dancefloor Music PR

Dilated Records View more

Label: Dilated Records

Dilated Records
When love for the electronic music meet super hot artists... you can call it Dilated!

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Label: Dirtyclub Music

Dirtyclub Music

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Label: Systematic Recordings

Systematic Recordings
After having run labels like Le Petit Prince and Alphabet City Marc Romboy founded Systematic Recordings in 2004 and the brand has already released more than 100 singles and two dozens of albums in order to release electronic music for the clubs. The main artists of the imprint are the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Robert Babicz, Jimpster, Rodriguez Jr., Sascha Braemer and Marc Romboy. But even musi...

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Label: refused.


Hammer Tracks View more

Label: Hammer Tracks

Hammer Tracks

Senso Sounds View more

Label: Senso Sounds

Senso Sounds
Senso Sounds is Oliver Huntemann's techno label for finest underground dance music.

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Label: Kafka Tempo

Kafka Tempo
Kafka Tempo is a label and reservoir for visionary and profoundly enigmatic music. Sounds that often present a grotesque vision of the world in which individuals burdened with isolation, and anxiety make a futile search for personal salvation. Established by Breger

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Peak Time Techno / Trance / Mainstage.

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Label: Dark City Music

Dark City Music
Dark City Music delivers underground and introspective house and techno music, with a focus on progressive, melodic and minimal.

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Label: Salia Sounds

Salia Sounds

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Label: White Label | DJ Promo Only

White Label | DJ Promo Only