Published at 13/02 2021

UC011 Testudo hermanni

UC011 Testudo hermanni

19 02 2021

UC -011


Testudo hermanni is the first Razzaro project for 2021. There is one tracks in which Razzaro introduces new sounds, always maintaining rhythms and techno sounds that distinguish him. Have a good listening.

For Fans Of:
The YellowHeads
Space 92
Ramon Tapia
Adam Beyer
Cosmic Boys
Victor Ruiz

Razzaro Online:

Testudo Hermanni

SUPPORT FROM: Richie Hawtin, Rub, Mike...

Born label in 2014, from a Razzaro┬┤s project, author well-known in Granada (Spain). The main object of UOCO records is the entertainment and musical education with its tracks. All productions are from techno house to techno. UOCO records produce new and details sounds for people that seeks something different and special ....