Kaligo Records

Kaligo Records

The owl butterflies, called Caligo, always fly in the dark and are known for huge spots of eyes on their wings, reminiscent of an owl. Its name, in the language that originated Portuguese, Latin, has the meaning of darkness. The pattern of its wings is highly enigmatic. It is a generalized form of disguise, where many hesitate to come close, because it has patterns that resemble the eyes of many predators. However, they are unexplored, like the very darkness. From Caligo, originates Kaligo Records.

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Greg Notill, MiSinki - Microscopical Life

Label: Kaligo Records

Release date: 08/05 2020

RELEASE NAME: Greg Notill, MiSinki - Microscopical Life
GENRE: Techno
RELEASE DATE: 08 05 2020