Ctrl Promo platform does not provide mailing lists or contacts. To send a campaign with our platform you must upload your own DJ, press or radio contacts.

The best way to build your own mailing lists is to ask for a person's email you wish to send a promo. It's always better to ask for the contact since you will get more relevant promo email instead of copying emails and borrowing from other record labels. You will also get permission from the contact and more likely will respond to your promo campaign. This way you will avoid wrong or outdated email addresses and you will build a much more accurate email list.

A lot of musicians, DJ's, or radios have separate emails for receiving promotional music and finding their email on the internet doesn't mean it is the one they use for receiving promo music. Always look for their promo email rather than 'info', 'booking' or their 'record label' email.

Never send your promotional music to a multiple emails for one contact you found.

Try to keep your mailing list clean and with Ctrl Promo you will be able to see and remove invalid contacts, outdated or the one they don't respond to your promo.

If your music or record label variate from different genres we would suggest that you create multiple mailing lists per genre and send your promo music to contacts which most likely will play or support the music genre you send.

This way your promo campaign results will gain much more success.