Procopis Gkouklias

Procopis Gkouklias was born at 1989, in Greece and he is now living in Central Greece, in Karditsa town. He is concidered by many, as the next generation of good Greek electronic music producers.
Procopis is in creating music since was 20, when he was tried to make his first remix along with his pal, but nothing good was happened. But step by step, day after day, year after year, Procopis was found his musical soul. He was organized his studio with some new equipment, with new music software and from 2010 since now, he studies and writes music every day.
His early dj carrier based mostly on some amateur parties and some drink-gigs with his friends. But Procopis played already like a pro. His friends pussed him to give it a second eye and look on this matter more proffessionaly. So Procopis decides to follow this path. He believes that their music passion support from Richie Hawtin, Charlotte de Witte, Sam Paganini, Popof, Ilario Alicante, Paco Osuna, Mark Greene, Luigi Madonna, UMEK, Cristian Varela and many more....