Casualties Of Sound

Unlettered. One word to describe those who would be ignorant to say that this is just another Toronto-based DJ duo.

Rest in peace, Ronald Gourlay & Alan Guzman. Remembered as those who lived for nothing but the music; addicts who inevitably lost their lives to the dark pressuring timbres of everything house. Multiplying adrenaline levels for the individuals who boast an acquired taste for bass, dishing out an eclectic tonal beat down of sui-generis repertoire.

One simply cannot anticipate what to expect from from this act gig by gig due to the sheer consistency of satisfying curve-balls that are tossed into every set. Combining Ronald's Toronto roots with Alan's LA/Toronto upbringing on the scene, the product of their performance is unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Their intent is to pummel you with aggressive tonal force, beaming sheer contentment as they lacerate dance floors with their hard hitting rhythms and sounds of groove so that they can fulfill their only motive - to make their audience Casualties Of Sound as well.