Published at 14/10 2019

RIOT109 - Frankyeffe 'Tiger' [Riot]

RIOT109 - Frankyeffe 'Tiger' [Riot]

18 11 2019



Frankyeffe shows off his stripes with another meaty one-track missive. It’s the fourth release this year so far on his longstanding label Riot, it’s called ‘Tiger’ and it’s a special dedication Francesco’s very own cat. Oh, and it’s like catnip on the dancefloor.

In classic Riot style, those signature kicks roll out and set the scene. But when the bass starts purring into life, those stabs start flexing their claws and that low rumbling acid starts miaowing, the mood flips into something much more rave-influenced and scattier. Dramatic and intense, it’ll have your floor stalking and prowling on a nine-life level.

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