Published at 09/02 2016

Ten Words - "Show Me" EP

Ten Words - "Show Me" EP

21 03 2016



Comment After is happy to present a new EP which might be something 'extra new' to someone who didn't yet subscribe to our promo database :)

Italian based producer, born into musically oriented family from Palermo is doing a debut release with us. Being driven by the passion of listening to Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk it was soon all clear which direction he is going to take. Taking piano lessons were just another fact his musical roots will have a bright future. Nowadays Salvo La Manza aka Ten Words is exploring his world of electronic music by learning and observing.

We are proud to be part of his journey by sharing a two tracker EP, entitled 'Show Me'
What emotions and feelings this EP can bring to you and your audience on the dance floor is hard to say, but we can encourage you by saying it's worth listening and testing :)

Thanks for your support and ... #commentafter

Ten Words
Show Me
Ten Words

SUPPORT FROM: DJ Steven, GamuT, Rosanna, DJ Jock, Orde Meikle, Alex Long, Mircea, Hans Tavera, DJ RIM-K, Carlo Whale, Richie Hawtin, Marjan Lopuh, Philipp Straub...

We were asking ourselves if the market nowadays really need another ‘label’? Would there be any difference if an artist receives yet ‘another’ promo? Does it feel good to make ‘another’ post about the chart position? Does it help to fish for feedbacks? … Well, it doesn't hurt to say that all our answers to these questions were NO in the end. So why bother then?   We simply stand for the truth that music is a universal language, free for everyone to understand. There are no boundaries when it comes to speaking it, right? Possessing enthusiasm for exploring and sharing could be the closest fact when it comes to the question of … why and for whom? There's nothing we expect in return, except a comment after maybe? How about this ‘another’ label makes a difference in your playlist? :) Enjoy the music. … and #commentafter