Published at 16/09 2019

RIOT108 - David Granha 'Not A Song' (incl remixes by Dok & Martin & Spencer Dunning) [Riot]

RIOT108 - David Granha 'Not A Song' (incl remixes by Dok & Martin & Spencer Dunning) [Riot]

14 10 2019



Riot Recordings

It’s been a busy year for David Granha. Releases this year so far can be found on the likes of Odd, Miles From Mars, Phobq, Octopus, Respekt and more. You can add to that Frankyeffe’s peaktime cathedral Riot Recordings now, too…

Two originals, two remixes, four opportunities to whip up a dramatic techno storm: We kick off with ‘This Is Not A Song’. Technically accurate thanks to its absolute banger status, it also has huge song-like appeal thanks to the ghostly vocal surging over the dramatic acid bubbles… But we won’t tell trading standards if you don’t! Loaded with a savage remix from Dok Martin, its banger status goes to ballistic thanks to the concrete rolling kicks and toxic acid growls.

Deeper into the EP we hit ‘Life Prison’. Charged with a strident kick and rising tension throughout, the intensity is suddenly broken by a sharp blast of melodic euphoria. A Great Escape-sized breakout in musical form, the drama and narrative here are palpable. As is Spencer Dunning’s ability to melt every nerve ending on your skin with his trance-tinged remix. Beautiful. This is not an EP, this is a gift…

David Granha
Not A Song
David Granha
Not A Song (Dok & Martin Remix)
David Granha
Life Prison
David Granha
Life Prison (Spencer Dunning Remix)

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