Published at 24/07 2019

Fernado Garrido - Salvacon EP

Fernado Garrido - Salvacon EP

09 09 2019



Urban Chaos Records

Next up on UCR we welcome the return of Fernando Garrido following on from his previous EP with us, which was released earlier this year, Since is last release with us, Fernando has been having sucsess by releasing his music on Polygon records, Vapour Trail Records and the ever consistant Jay's Records.

We hope you enjoy the music as much as we do. 4 slabs of minimal techno to pick from. we have found it very difficult to select just one stand out track.

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Urban Chaos records is a independent techno label, it was founded 15/10/17 it has grown with stature in it's first year gaining some great support along the way from the worlds techno elite.