Published at 16/09 2021

Rave The Planet & Riot Recordings 'Supporter Series 008'- Christian Smith - Juliet Fox - Paula Cazenave

Rave The Planet & Riot Recordings 'Supporter Series 008'- Christian Smith - Juliet Fox - Paula Cazenave

15 10 2021



Riot Recordings

Rave The Planet and Riot Recordings are excited to present the 8th Supporter Series sampler EP with tracks from artists who actively support the project. This time: Christian Smith, Paula Cazenave and Juliet Fox!

Rave The Planet is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, dedicated to the art and culture of electronic music. Their main aims are to protect techno culture as an UNESCO Intangible Heritage and to bring back the spirit of the Berlin Love Parade with a new ‘big techno parade’ in 2022.

The 8th instalment opens with a Techno masterpiece from the man himself: Christian Smith, founder of Tronic Records, now "one of the top 3 selling Techno labels in the world". "Filter Force" is a bold DJ weapon with Christian's signature groove that you can't go wrong with! A driving, progressive, almost cosmic Techno cut for big dancefloors!

Second on the EP is “Parade On Acid" by well-established Spanish Techno female DJ and producer, Combine Audio label boss Paula Cazenave. As you would expect, her track incorporates the unmistakable sound of a 303 combined with that classic heavy kick and sharp percussions to move any sweaty club walls!

Finally, Toolroom's "First Lady" Juliet Fox delivers a nostalgic yet incredibly powerful and hypnotic homage to the roots of Berlin Techno sound with her mesmerising vocals telling the story of the Love Parade as "It Began In 1989".
"Can you feel the Love?

As ever, all proceeds from Supporter Series sales go directly into Rave The Planet’s non-profit projects.

Christian Smith
Filter Force
Juliet Fox
It Began in 1989
Paula Cazenave
Parade On Acid

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