Published at 10/08 2016

Lolla Tek - Renegade

Lolla Tek - Renegade

23 09 2016



We must say that we’ve anticipated this comeback to Consumed - and really glad to present you the fresh “Renegade” EP from Lolla Tek, who have had some viral releases on the label yet.
Lolla Tek been known for her prominent, driving and dark, dubby style; however in her new EP for Consumed Music she has pushed the creative boundaries and explored wider realms of techno - deeper, more minimalistic, more experimental, but still dark, trip and hypnotic, in her signature manner.
The two-tracker strikes with the beautifully layered compositions, presented in two mood variations - from dark, menacing, powerful “Renegade”, to smooth, dreamy, glamorous “Saboteur”.
Consumed Music - three years of supreme underground material, thanks for being with us and stay tuned for the next releases.

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