Published at 11/09 2020

Søren Laga - Klunker EP

Søren Laga - Klunker EP

09 10 2020



Søren Laga releases his latest EP on Set of the Day Melodic. The two-tracker contains the smooth, organic influenced but also powerful track "Klunker". The vibe is completed by wide warm synths. The second track "Maschinen" convinces with its warm light sounds, that stay in your ears. The key element is the wide-based but energized bassline that fills every dancefloor with warmth.

Søren Laga
Søren Laga

SUPPORT FROM: Marko Garcia, Tino Tranquilo, aektschn, Sasha Le Monnier, Sinisa Tamamovic, Elektrodisko, Thefunkytuna, Mapusa Mapusa / Johnson, Richie Hawtin, Ezekiel, Lucas, BOHO, Manuel Ewald, VEB Elektrokunst, Eric Rose, ion vasile...

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